What To Do Before The Ski Holiday

By Alan C Bain

Packing for a ski vacation could be difficult especially if you have to take a flight. Lots and lots of airlines these days are charging for additional bags and particularly for the heavier ones. It is not unheard of for travellers to pay as much as their flight ticket in extra baggage charges. If you reckon you are going to have to travel with a lot of stuff with you on a holiday it would be a better idea to go with the flight company with the greatest baggage allowance or one that provides cheaper charges.

On most ski vacation destinations the airlines are used to people taking skis and they generally to take this into account. Always notify the airline well in advance if not at the time of making your reservation that you are going to be taking skis and get them booked in. The airline will have a fix on the number of skis they can carry on each trip. You do not want to be in the disastrous position that you arrive at the airport and you are unable to take your skis with you.

If you are new to skiing or do not want to take your skis with you then you will normally find that you will be able to rent skis, ski boots and suitable clothing in most ski resorts. Just check your ski resorts amenities on the net or speak to the hotel you are booked in for some local knowledge.

If you are simply can not cope without all your clothes and stuff you could organize to have a bag shipped prior to your departure date by a shipping company. With the large excess baggage charges on some flights you could discover that it is easier to transport your stuff cheaper than pay these extra costs. Make it even cheaper by sharing the cost with the people you are going with.

Ski jackets and sweaters can be large and will take up a lot of space in any luggage. Why not wear them on the flight instead. It may be to hot to do this but you can take these items on the plane with you and when you arrive in the colder ski resort you can immediately put your jacket and jumper on and get the benefit immediately.

Do not forget the greater you plan and get organized the more smoothly things will go and the less hassled you will be. - 30661

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Stay Near the Mountain in Ski Condos

By Adriana Noton

One of the most popular ways to enjoy a winter vacation is to stay at a luxury ski resort. People from all over the world take advantage of ski resorts and the services and amenities they offer. When planning a vacation at a ski resort, one has to decide what kind of accommodations they will book. One type of accommodation that is very popular is Ski Condos.

There are many benefits to staying at a ski condo. The convenience of staying in a condo at a ski resort makes this type of lodging a popular choice for couples and families. Staying at a condo allows one to be only minutes away from the ski slopes. As well, guests are in close proximity to all of the on-site amenities and activities that the resort has to offer. This can include hiking excursions, ice skating, ice-fishing, horse sleigh ride, snowmobiling, and much more.

The ski condos feature essential amenities that provide all of the comforts of home as well as additional luxury amenities. Each condo is completely furnished and is fully equipped with such items as kitchen essentials such as a stove, microwave, refrigerator, cooking and dining utensils, and a coffee maker. As well, the condos come with linens and bath supplies such as soap and towels. Depending at the type of ski condo you stay at, you may also have such features as telephone services in the condo, cable TV, wireless internet, charcoal grill, hot tub, sauna, patio deck, and much more. As well, guests will have access to the resort's features such as fine dining, lounge, swimming pool, luxury spa...etc. If you are bringing children to the resort, you will be in close proximity to the resort's kids' activities programs where they will participate in games, crafts, and many other fun activities.

Many resorts offer a number of beautifully decorated bedrooms that cater to a couple, as well as one or a few families. They are ideal for people traveling as a couple, with a group of friends, or with a couple of families. Condominiums often range in size from a studio condo to four-bedrooms or more. Most condos come with a wood-burning fireplace with complimentary firewood. There are also usually laundry facilities. Many condo complexes also offer ski-in/ski-out access. Condos are the perfect solution for people who want comfort and scenic lodgings in a private location where they can enjoy the awe-inspiring view of mountains, lakes, and trees.

As well as enjoying all of the amenities the ski resort offers, you also have the option of having either a short walk to the local town or a short drive which is normally arranged by the resort. You can then enjoy such activities as fine dining, shopping, local museums, theater, art galleries, and other cultural attractions.

There are many advantages to staying at a ski condominium. Most resorts have a wide range of elegant condos in various places in and around the resort. There are condo rentals that are just a minute walk to the ski lifts. One can relax and enjoy a fun filled ski vacation full of exciting activities while making long lasting memories with friends or family. - 30661

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Surfboarding Where Do You Start

By Daniel Thomas

A good thing about surfing, especially if you are in a tropical area with a lot of sun, is that you will be exposed to the opposite sex all of the time. If you are surfing everyday you should have a good tan and be in pretty good shape, have no problem finding dates, and most of all have great skill in riding waves, we hope.

A die hard surfer will put a lot of thought and research into what kind of surfboard they will use. For starters the surfboard length should be close to the height of the person that is riding the board, this is not absolutely necessary but it will look a lot better to spectators that are watching your rip waves.

The surfer that is just starting out, will quickly catch on to the terms that surfers commonly use. This is more than just a dialect, more aimed towards the types of moves that you can do on a surfboard, for example many people already know what the surf term hang ten is.

For the beginner a short board will be the best option, but some more experienced surfers prefer long boards, which are a bit more difficult to learn on and much harder to ride. Style is also another choice of what surfers choose from. It could be the design on their surfboard, their surf fin, or just what they are wearing before they get in the water.

One common mistake that beginning surfers make is buying the most least expensive surfboard they can get their hands on. They are so rushed to get in the water and start surfing. Then they will come to a realization that they board was crap, or maybe they will see that surfboards require some light maintenance.

The surfboard could have been bought used, the reason that it was so cheap in the first place and could have some cracks in it. When this happens water gets into the board and messes everything up. This is a common problem when so called high quality surfboards are sold dirt cheap.

Some surfboards are unfit for use in the water simply because a previous owner has not tended to the surfboard properly. One of the important factors that every surfer learns is that a surfboard needs to be waxed on a regular basis. This preparation technique is necessary because wax allows the surfer to grip the surfboard with the soles of their feet.

If you are just getting on the board in the water for the first time, you should practice letting the wave take you in first. There is a lot of paddling involved, once you have this down work on standing up on the board. Practice makes perfect, and with enough of it you could be riding a wave back to the beach in less than a week. - 30661

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Breckenridge Tops the Best

By Monique Mertrandes

I stick to my well-founded view that Summit Countys Breckenridge is the place to enjoy the night life, to dine out, or engage in your choice of recreational activities whatever the season of the year. Before anyone thinks of favoritism, the claim is based on factual information like the survey with the residents of Summit County as respondents. The result was the basis for the Best of Summit County selection featured in Summit Daily News. Here are some of the 2008 awards categories where Breckenridge ranked high on top.

Truly the Best Ski Mountain: And to make the visit to Breckenridge eventful, make sure you take the time to visit the slopes. And Breckenridge Ski Resort is the locals favorite suggestion for skiing destination. Why Breck? you may ask.

At Breckenridge Ski Resort, just the availability of various skiing runs, whether you are a novice, or an accomplished adventure seeker, makes you feel an important and welcome guest. As a guest you will feel as if your host is providing you with personalized service. The title is, no doubt fitting for a place where you can view fantastic scenery at the highest spot in North America in addition to its exciting runs whatever your skiing level of expertise is.

As expected, there are celebrations for being awarded as Best Ski Mountain by both the locals as well as the guests in the many watering holes on the mountain.

Best Place for People Watching: When on the mountains of Summit County do not fail to visit Breckenridges Main Street, chosen as the finest place to relax or enjoy in the county. No matter if you go there to buy food for breakfast or you are enjoying a few drinks before calling it a day, take note of the interesting view aside from the mountains.

Finest Hiking Trail: Should you visit the Summit County when skiing is off season, do not fuss because there are many other activities you can enjoy, like the 7 mile Mohawk Trail hike. So, bring enough food and hit all seven miles of the trail that will bring you past the ruins of an old mine, the Continental Falls and the Mohawk Lake. As you turn north, you will see a fantastic view of Breckenridge

Best Park: Breckenridges Carter Park is the best for Summit Countys locals for many reasons and not just because its their popular dog park. Breckenridge Park on High Street is the ideal place to have your picnic before playing your favorite sports and just right for running or exercise. The park has the perfect spot for all " both the young and the old.

Best Golf Course: It should not come as a surprise that the 27-hole Breckenridge Golf Course constructed based on Jack Nicklaus design is the best in Summit County. Playing at an elevation of 9,234 feet from sea level is truly a unique experience you wont get at any other golf course. That Breckenridge Golf Course is the best is not just the opinion of the locals. The magazine Colorado Golfer, named it the Toughest Mountain Course.

Breckenridge offers many more bests or top ranked establishments in entertainment, shopping, dining that cannot be accommodated in this list. Breckenridge vacation rentals are another best in Summit County when you are searching for the accommodation that provides real value for the price.

However, do not just rely on my list. After visiting Breckenridge you may have a longer list of bests.

Breckenridge for the Party Animal

- 30661

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The Real Estate Market in British Columbia

By Adriana Noton

British Colombia, Canada, is well-known throughout the world for its gorgeous and dazzling mountain views, vibrant and bustling cities, a strong and diverse culture, and its numerous recreational activities such as the stunning golf courses and best ski condos. In British Columbia, the BC real estate market has always been a booming business. However, due to the recent down turn in the economy, the British Columbia real estate market had experienced a brief cooling off period. Now, this exciting and beautiful Canadian province has started to make a strong recovery. A distinct bounce back in consumer demand has turned a possible gloomy 2010 into a very strong year for home sales. A boost in consumer confidence, increased consumer demand, and low mortgage interest rates, have all played an important role in improving the British Columbia real estate market.

Real Estate developers are not only attracting retirees, but they are also attracting an innovative young work force. Many developers are responding to consumer demands for a private piece of paradise where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery, but still have access to a vibrant and culturally diverse city such as Vancouver. Whether you are looking for a cozy and private residential home or looking for new real estate investment opportunities, British Columbia provides many real estate options for the informed investor. Investors and home buyers are recognizing these opportunities. For instance, the average annual MLS (R) residential price in the province is expected to rise 2 per cent. In 2010, many experts are also expecting to see another increase of 4 per cent in the price of real estate. More specifically, home sales in 2010 are projected to increase an additional 8 per cent.

The interior housing markets of British Colombia are also seeing vigorous consumer demand because of stronger market conditions and current low mortgage rates that are boosting home sales. Vancouver, BC has recently seen a large jump in quarterly sales. According to figures released by the Canadian Real Estate Association, Vancouver is fast becoming one of the hottest real estate markets in Canada. As well, Vancouver and Victoria have declared near record sales this past fall.

Many regions across the Province are now seeing strong home sales. For instance, home sales in the Fraser Valley and the city of Victorian have seen a rapid growth in home sales. In fact, sales in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Victoria have boosted the province's overall home sales total to almost record levels. In December of 2009, The British Columbia Real Estate Association reported that Multiple Listing Service (R) residential sales in the province have made a remarkable increase this past November. However, it is important to note that the demand in these residential sales markets is expected to level off in 2010 as demand is exhausted and home prices begin to rise again.

With the current low interest rates available on mortgages, many experts suggest that it may be a good time to look at the real estate investment opportunities in British Colombia. As the economy slowly rebounds, one may find themselves with a lucrative investment in a beautiful province. - 30661

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Visiting Aspen USA Ski Resort

By Benedict Perez

In the 19th century, Aspen used to be a silver-mining town. As the silver price took a nosedive in 1893, it had crashed the town's economy. From a population of 12,000, its population has shrunk down to 700 by 1930s. It was until this time that a small scale ski runs and resorts were developed. Currently, Aspen USA Ski Resort is one of the most favorite and most famous ski destinations in the West.

Located in Elk Mountain, Aspen USA Ski Resort is composed of four major mountain destinations for skiers and boarders. Including its sister village, the Snowmass Village, the major mountains are the Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highland, Snowmass and the Buttermilk. Each mountain offers different levels of difficulty. There are spots for beginners and spots for those looking advance challenges.

One of the most popular ski resorts is the Aspen Mountain. Also known as Ajax by the locals, it lies in one of the foothills of Elk Mountain just south of the town. It offers runs suitable for experienced skiers and boarders. Though not particularly high, it has been a favorite ski destination of the famous and rich personalities. Aside from the challenging slopes, Aspen Mountain is well-known for its unique resort features. One can enjoy the world's first skier-only terrain park and its regular snowcat tours. You can also play in the 18 hole golf-frisbee course and enjoy the magnificent view of the countryside while riding on the Silver Queen Gondola.

The famous Highland Bowl has been the Aspen Highland's treasure since it opened last 2002. It offers its guest a unique experience of intense and advance run. This mountain is located just next to the Aspen Mountain and is commonly referred to as the local mountain by the natives.

Snowmass. Snowmass is one of the largest ski resorts in Aspen. From the town, it usually takes about 25 minutes of travel. It is a suitable tourist destination for families. Recent developments were the new detachable quad chairlift. This new lift can carry around 2,000 people per hour to a height of 2,212 feet. During the ride, guests can enjoy the magnificent and spectacular view of the central Rockies and the Maroon Bells. Though it is popular for being a friendly ski resort, it also offers challenging ski terrains, mogul runs, terrain parks and glided terrains.

If you are a beginner, you do not have to worry because Aspen has a perfect place for you. Buttermilk is one of the major mountains of Aspen that are designed especially for amateurs. Though it there are several big-named resorts around it, Buttermilk remains its name. Actually, it has been used several times by the ESPN Winter X-games. It basically focused its resort into major areas: beginners and boarders.

First, Snowmass is the place for novice and inexperienced skiers and boarders. It has made this way together with the world-renowned school to help those who are interested with skiing and boarding. It has several runs, each with increasing difficulty level suitable for those who are learning the sport.

Second, it is where the longest terrain park is located which is very suitable for boarders. It is stretched to about 2 miles equipped with beginner's lane, over 30 rails and a superpipe. - 30661

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Alternative Forms Of Snow Skiing

By Adriana Noton

Snow skiing is considered not just a sport, but a group of sports. Equipment includes, but is not limited to, skis, boots, and bindings that attach the boots to the skis. It is generally thought that skiing is divided into two categories ' Nordic and Alpine.

Telemark, cross-country, and ski jumping are considered parts of Nordic skiing. This is the oldest type and can trace its origins to the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden. In this particular sport, the boot bindings fasten onto the toes of a skier's boots, not the boot's heels.

In contrast, Alpine traces its beginnings to the Alps mountain range in Europe. It is more commonly referred to as downhill skiing. The boot bindings for Alpine attach to both the toes and the heels of a skier's boots.

Alpine includes such types as alpine freestyle, freestyle, and freeskiing. While the latter two basically evolved from the former, they all involve using balance and acrobatics in the air.

Going beyond that extreme is freestyle skiing because its participants are known for doing aerial stunts and tricks. Outdoor parks known as terrain parks are where these skiers hone their skills. Imagine a skateboard park for skiers.

Freeriding, known also as freeskiing, is an offshoot of freestyle. There is a major difference, however. Freeriders, instead of using terrain parks, opt to use natural open spaces such as isolated backcountry spots and mountainsides. Freeriders also use cliffs or natural runs to make their experiences even better.

As mentioned, Nordic is also called cross-country. There is no course or run needed. Everywhere is able to be traveled. In fact, this sport is derived from what many years ago was merely a form of winter travel. Up, down, and flat are all parts of this endeavor.

Freestyle cross-country is unique. It is a sport where any technique is employed to move the skier on the skis, so long as the power source is strictly human. Classic cross-country differs, however. Any type of skating action is not permitted in powering the skier.

Skiing competitions have always been popular. Downhill racing, Nordic jumping, and slalom racing, in particular, are even more popular. Racing downhill is simply a matter of racing down a hill toward a predetermined finish line as fast as a skier can.

Slalom racing is similar to downhill racing, save for one major difference. Racers must past through a series of slaloms on the way down to the finish line. A slalom is a gate formed with two poles, one red and one blue. Racers must pass between the two poles forming each gate.

Nordic jumping entails racing down a jump, or ramp, and then flying through the air as far as possible until landing on the ground. Ski poles are not used. It is a popular Winter Olympic sport.

Usually, snow is necessary. But not in dry slope skiing. Skiers ski on dirt, artificial snow, or dry snow. These slopes are not dry, as such, but are usually moistened with a mist or some sort of lubricant to facilitate speed. It also limits friction build-up and damage done to skis by the ground. - 30661

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